19+ Free Quilt Block Patterns for your Scrap Fabric!

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It’s no secret I love sewing with fabric scraps, mine or other people’s (yes I am that person who buys other people’s scrap fabrics!).

Whether you are addicted to scrappy sewing or you just find your scrap pile running over from your other quilt projects I’m hoping that below you will find some fun quilt blocks to help you make the most of all those lovely bits of fabric.

scrap fabric quilt blocks

Chain-piece them to make a full scrap quilt or keep a few of these ideas to hand as you finish other projects and make a block at a time that you can eventually turn into something scrappy and gorgeous!

19+ Free Scrap Fabric Quilt Block Patterns

Grab your scrap stash and dive into these fun and easy scrappy quilt blocks!

I hope you found some inspiration here to grab your scrap basket or rummage through your scrap drawers and start a new scrap quilt!

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