My name is Kristen.

I learned to sew young (from my Grandma) but then left it and didn’t sew at all for ages!

Recently I’ve become obsessed with quilting and especially quilting with scrap fabric.

My style of scrap quilting is a bit more colour coordinated than what I tend to see on pinterest when I type in scrap quilt.

Don’t get me wrong I like a bit of mixing and matching from time to time but my attraction to scrap fabric quilting is more about getting creative with what I have rather than a desire to go crazy with lots of colours and prints!

Apart from sewing I have a real passion for upcycling more generally, which I blog about on another blog called Upcycle My Stuff. There are some quilting projects on that blog too but it’s really about all kinds of upcycling – so I decided I needed somewhere that I could let loose my new passion for quilting with scrap fabric!

Scrap Fabric Love is a fun repository of loads of ideas, tutorials and inspiration to help you use up every last scrap of leftover fabric in your craft cupboard.

Don’t waste a shred of those glorious patterns and colours – who knows what you could make out of it!

I would love to share other people’s projects too! If you have a great scrap fabric quilting tutorial you’d like to share get in touch and maybe you can be one of our contributors!

Feel free to get in touch to discuss working together at [email protected]