Everything AccuQuilt

I often use Accuquilt Cutters & Dies in my projects.

Below you will find links to tutorials and projects on my site that use Accuquilt Dies as well as links to some of my favorite AccuQuilt Products and info on how I use them.

If you aren’t familiar with AccuQuilt start with my review of their most popular fabric cutter: AccuQuilt Go! Fabric Cutter Review (2023)

Scrap Fabric Love Quilt Projects that Use the AccuQuilt System

If you have seen me do a video of another project with my accuquilt dies and it isn’t listed here just pop me an email to nudge me to put the details up here!

AccuQuilt Cutters I Own

Below are links to the three AccuQuilt Cutters I currently own.

I previously used the GO! Cutter the most but since getting the GO Big! I am thinking of selling one or both of the smaller ones.

I have become an AccuQuilt affiliate since starting to use their products but everything I own from AccuQuilt I have purchased myself so anything I say about them on my videos is entirely my own opinion. If I didn’t find value in using their products – I wouldn’t!

My review of my Accuquilt GO! Cutter is here.

My Top 3 Favorite AccuQuilt Dies

Okay, my favorite dies probably change from month to month, but I would say the three below are the ones I consistently use the most often and have gotten the most value for money out of.

2.5″ Strip Die

It’s not hard to understand why the 2.5″ Strip die would be one of my favorites. This is the width of strip I cut for all my binding and of course, it is also the width to cut to make jelly roll strips. So it’s super useful!

Crazy Petals Die

The Crazy Petals Die is a little more of a left-field choice – especially as I have never actually made the flower design this die was designed for!

I have found the individual little shapes in this die to be really useful – I’ve used them for raindrops, the circle for (a circle!) and abstract applique shapes on improv blocks (insert photo of improv block).

Alphabet Die

The Alphabet Die one is so useful for quickly adding a personal touch to gifts for kids, from Reading Pillows to Kid’s Quilts – I’ve even used the letters to label my kid’s backpack!

A close runner-up for 3rd place would have been my 8″ Qube set but the Alphabet die just pipped it to the post due to the smiles the kids get on their faces when they see their names stitched out on gifts.

If you want to see the full list of all the dies I own see this post: My AccuQuilt Die Collection

AccuQuilt Sales

AccuQuilt have different sales throughout the year, sometimes with discounts on the actual cutters and sometimes on specific dies or bundles of cutting dies.

You can find all the latest offers from AccuQuilt here.

AccuQuilt Suggestions?

Do you have a particular die you are looking for ideas for?

I can’t promise, but if you drop me an email at hello@scrapfabriclove.com I can either send you a project I’ve already written about that uses your die, or maybe get inspired to come up with a new project on the back of your prompt!