15+ Fabric Bookmarks for the Book-Lover in Your Life

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Learn how to make fabric bookmarks with a whole range of patterns and templates to choose from.

This is a great way to use up all your bits of scrap fabric pieces, which, if you’re anything like me, you’ll have a huge surplus of!

Fabric Bookmark Feature Image

These bookmarks make great last-minute gifts for avid readers, or little stocking fillers for children.

They are one of the simplest things to make, and you can sew a whole bunch in just an hour or two. Being so easy to make also makes them a great project for children just getting into sewing.

Whoever the book-lover is in your life, you can be sure to find a DIY fabric bookmark that they will love here.

Fun Bookmarks For You To Make

Fabric Bookmarks

You can make bookmarks from paper, card, felt and a whole range of materials, but there is something really special about a fabric bookmark that will last for years and years.

Some of these bookmarks are quite plain and simple, others have lots of embelishments and take a little longer to make. Whichever design you prefer, I hope you find one that you want to make for the avid reader in your life.

Top Tips for Your Fabric Bookmark

  • Use your sewing machine to sew your bookmarks inside out so you can keep all the raw edges inside the finished product. Make sure you leave a gap on one of the long sides to turn it the right way round.
  • When you’ve finished sewing the two pieces of fabric together (wrong side of the fabric to wrong side). Cut off the corners of the bookmark to make it easier to press when you turn it right side out.
  • If you’re making a bookmark for your DIY journal, why not make one in the same colors or theme as your journal?
  • If you’re looking for embellishment ideas for your bookmark, these fabric flowers would make a lovely addition!
  • Bookmarks make great beginner sewing projects. They’re a great introduction to sewing for children and even adults who have never sewed before.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to make a bookmark out of fabric?

To make a bookmark out of fabric, cut two pieces of fabric to your desired bookmark size (roughly 2 x 6 “) and attach fusible interfacing to the wrong side of one piece of fabric.

Then, sew the second and first piece of fabric, right side to right side. Leave a small gap to turn the bookmark inside out and hand-sew the hole closed.

How do you make fabric bookmarks stiff?

The best way to make a fabric bookmark stiff is to use fusible interfacing on the reverse side of your fabric to add extra durability and strength to your project.

You won’t need to sew the fusible interfacing onto the bookmark as it sticks to the fabric using steam from your iron.

Use heavy-weight interfacing if you want your bookmark to be completely stiff. Use a light or medium-weight interfacing if you want your bookmark to retain some of the flexibility and softness of your original fabric.

How thick should bookmarks be?

Your bookmark shouldn’t be any thicker than 3mm, or you won’t be able to close the book properly, and it will break the book’s spine.

If you use two pieces of fabric and a fusible interface, this should keep you within the 3mm thickness.

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