13 Quilted Placemat Patterns To Brighten Up Your Table!

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Do you want to spruce up your every day table, or perhaps make some unique quilted placemats for your festive holiday table?

There is something special about sitting down to enjoy a delicious home cooked meal and it makes it even more special, to enjoy that meal on some quilted placemats that have the homemade touch.

free quilted placemat patterns

I recently finished my own denim quilted placemats and have gotten the bug to make more so went off on the hunt for other free quilted placemat patterns to use.

This post is a roundup of my findings! I hope you find one that you love, and can picture on your dining table!

13 Free Quilted Placemat Patterns

Here are 13 gorgeous quilted place mat patterns in all different shapes, size and patterns.

Some are rectangular, some are oval, some have a matching table runner, others use just scraps of fabric.

These placemats range from fun and easy projects to more complex tutorials with beautiful results.

All these placemats would look beautiful on your own table, but they also make great gifts!

You could make them as a housewarming present, christmas gifts or birthday presents. I’m sure whoever your recipient is, will be happy to recieve such a thoughtful and lovingly made gift.

Pop them in a large gift box, and they’ll also have somewhere to store them when they’re not in use.

I love giving my handmade gifts to friends and family and seeing the delight in their faces!

Make Your Own Placemats from Denim Scraps

Ever since making my first denim quilt, I have loved working with denim. I really enjoyed making these place mats too, it’s super fun way to use up denim scraps plus a few pretty focus scraps.

I just love how they turned out and how versatile the pattern is. You can use any type of fabric you like with this easy pattern and create it in any color scheme.

Placemat Tutorial using Quick Easy Mitered-Binding Tool

These fat quarter friendly placemats are really simple to make, and would make a perfect housewarming gift. You could make the centre piece your main feature, and choose a fabric with a great pattern or picture on it.

This pattern makes three pairs of rectangular placemats that use alternating colors, but you could always choose different fabrics to make your set of placemats all completely unique.

Easy Quilt-As-You-Go Placemats

These placemats are so simple to make that you could make four different designs – one for each season! They are also reversible as long you choose a nicely patterned fabric for the back!

Sherri recommends using Soft and Sable instead of regular batting and vows to always use it in future projects because it gives the placemats such a gorgeous soft finish.

Modern Hexagon Placemat

Because this is an improv piece, you can get creative with the colors and sizes of the hexagons so that every placemat can look as different or as similar as you’d like them to.

The size of these modern-looking hexagon placemats can also be adapted to any size you want to make.

Square in Square Quilted Placemat Pattern

This is a really sweet-looking free placemat pattern that uses square-in-square quilt blocks and is perfect for fussy cutting your favorite fabrics. I love the diamond shapes within the squares and how there is a focal point in each one.

It follows a technique that doesn’t use any binding but also assumes you have a basic knowledge of Foundation Paper Piecing.

I can also picture this as a great Halloween place setting, with spooky halloween cats in the centre of each of the squares.

Reverse Applique Thanksgiving Placemats

Photo: Purl Soho

These gorgeous placemats have been made by hand – making them extra special for extra special celebrations such as Thanksgiving.

Choosing to sew them by hand and using reverse applique takes plenty of time, so factor that in if you want to make these special mats. An upside is though, that they don’t require any sewing expertise and can be made by a complete beginner.

Set the Table with Festive DIY Quilted Placemats

This design is just perfect for the holiday season! Similarly to a few of the other projects featured in this roundup, if you choose a nice fabric for the back of your placemat, it could also function as a double-sided placemat.

The pattern gives a detailed step-by-step tutorial, making it perfect for beginners and quilters who have a little bit of experience.

Learn How to Make a Quilted & Reversible Placemat

If you have loads of scrappy bits of fabric that need using up, this is the perfect project to use them! I particularly love the bright colors in this design, they would brighten up any dining room!

Made up of lots of tiny squares, these placemats can be as big or as small as you like them. This tutorial also goes into great detail on how to bind your placemats using your sewing machine.

These sweet placemats will give your dinner parties a cheerful look!

Triceratops Placemat

This free pattern from Art Gallery Fabrics has been made into a PDF making it ideal if you’d rather print your instructions off and have a hardcopy to follow,

The instructions are clean and easy to follow with diagrams and simple instructions and when finished, this design has an almost chevron look to it.

You could use any type of fabric you like with this design, why not use christmas fabrics to make a christmas placemat?

Bindingless Quilted Placemats

These are the most beginner friendly placemats included in this round-up. The instructions are so easy to follow, that you could make them standing on your head!

It’s a simple case of sewing together strips of fabric, and the batting and backing fabric attached. These simple but colorful placemats don’t even require any binding! This is quite possibly the easiest way I’ve found to make simple reversible placemats.

Scrappy Patchwork Place Mat Tutorial

Colourful Placemat
Photo: Sherri at A Quilting Life

I love the look of this colorful placemat! If you’ve got loads of pieces of fabric to use up, this scrappy patchwork tutorial is the one for you!

Alternatively, you can use a charm squares, cutting the squares to 2.5 inches so that one charm pack gives you enough squares for four placemats.

This tutorial also includes the use of jelly roll strips, plus it gives a few ideas at the end of the post about a few other fun things you can make using jelly roll.

How to Make a Patchwork Quilted Placemat

Quilted Placemat Patterns
Photo: Hobbycraft

These are quite unlike any other placemat featured in my roundup. I love the oval shape of them, the curved edges give them such a sweet look!

If you’re more of a visual learner, you might find it harder to follow this tutorial as it’s only text, however the text is very simple and easy to follow.

Holiday Quilt-As-You-Go Placemats

Ideal for the more visual learners among us! This video tutorial is easy to follow and quick to watch, as it is only 10 minutes long.

It teaches you how to make a set of four christmas placemats, four coasters, and two hot pads using just one jelly roll! Because they are quilt-as-you-go placemats, they are also extremely quick to make!

While we’re on the subject of christmas, you can also check out my free Christmas wreath quilt pattern!

Do any of these quilted placemat patterns look like they could be sat on your table during your next family meal? Which ones are you most excited to make?

Top Tips for Quilted Placemat Patterns

  • If you want to make a rectangular placemat, it’s important to get the corners right so they don’t look messy. By snipping a diagonal line off across the corner, when you turn them inside out you’ll keep your corners nice and neat.
  • Use up all your scrap fabric to make placemats, you don’t necessarily need to follow a pattern if you just piece together sqaures of scrap.

Frequently Asked Questions

What batting to use for quilted placemats?

You can use any piece of bating you like if you’re only going to be putting dinner plates on your placemats. There are plenty of options available, including cotton, bamboo and polyester.

However, if you’re placing a hot plate on your finised placemat, you’ll need to make sure you use insul bright heat resistant batting.

What size should a quilted placemat be?

Most placemats are 12 inches wide by 18 inches long, or 30 x 45 cm. This size is ideal for most tables, and give plenty of space for your plate and place settings.

If you have a smaller table, you might want to make them a little smaller so that they fit comfortable, in which case, 12 x16-inch placemats work perfectly.

How much fabric do I need for a placemat?

If you’re making a standard 12 x 18 inch placemat, you’ll need double this amount of fabric, plus extra for your seam allowances.

All of the tutorials let you know exactly how much fabric and batting you need to complete each set of placemats.

I’m sure there are enough patterns here to keep you going for all the different seasons of the year!

I’d love to hear from you, so please do drop me a comment below, or send me a message! I love hearing about and seeing all your creations!