How to Make Fabric Flowers – 10+ Fun Ways To Use Your Scraps

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It’s easy to make fabric flowers using the variety of fun methods in this post – we’ve found over 10 different ways to make them!

You can add flowers to clothes, headbands, and bags, use them as decorations around the house, or use them instead of a bow when gift wrapping.

You could even make a whole bunch of them to gift – an ever-lasting bunch of flowers to a special someone on Valentine’s Day.

You’ll find no-sew flowers, intricate, colorful designs, and big, bold flowerheads.

Whatever type of flower project you’re looking for, each fabric flower tutorial is simple to follow and easy to make, so you’ll have your own fabric flowers in no time!

And it’s a great way to use up all those small fabric scraps!

How To Make Fabric Flowers

Fun Fabric Flower Patterns

I love receiving bunches of fresh flowers, but they inevitably wilt and die after a week or so.

That's why I love fabric flowers so much - they'll look exactly the same years after making them as they did on their first day!

They make lovely gifts and can be used to accessorize almost anything you want to add a floral touch to!

Top Tips On How to Make Fabric Flowers

  • Use your flowers to embellish your handmade gift bags, which you could even fill with handmade gifts for a friend or relative who really appreciates the thought that goes into DIY gifts.
  • Get creative with the materials that you use. Making fabric flowers is a great way to use up an old t-shirt, bedsheet, or tablecloth. I love using denim in many projects, from denim placemats to denim quilts. I think denim flowers would look amazing!
  • Make your flower cutout realistic by embroidering veins and patterns onto your fabric with your sewing machine. Depending on the fabric you use, you can also use heat to curl or singe the ends of the flowers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a no sew fabric flower?

No sew fabric flowers are the simplest flowers to make. Simply cut out the shape of the flower you like, full round petals for roses, more elongated pointed petals for flowers like lilies.

Use your first cut-out as a template and make three or four more copies. Using glue dots or fabric glue, stick the pieces of fabric together. If you want a more 3D-looking flower, rouch the fabric in the center to make it look more realistic.

How do you make a large flower out of fabric?

Make a large flower out of fabric by following the tutorial above in this roundup.

One of the important things to remember when making a larger flower is to choose a sturdy material that will hold its shape or a lightweight material that you can manipulate to hold its shape.

How do you make a fabric bouquet?

To make a bouquet, choose your favorite flowers and find tutorials to make each of the individual types of flowers. You’ll find many in this roundup.

Try to choose flowers that complement each other and go well together in real flower bouquets. You could even make some fabric greenery and leaves to tie the whole bouquet together.

How do you use fabric flowers?

There are tonnes of creative ways to use fabric flowers. Why not use one of these suggestions:
Add them to your clothing
Attach them to bags
Make them into children’s headbands
Wedding garters
Use them to embellish decorations around your house
Turn them into a bouquet
Use them as a decoration for gift wrapping

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