20+ Fun Quilted Wall Hanging Patterns to Sew

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Choose from one of 20+ wall hanging quilt patterns to turn a blank wall in your home into a cozy area that tells a story!

Wall hangings make great beginner projects and they aren’t as large as making a full-size quilt.

Wall Hanging Quilt Patterns

You can try out different techniques, styles, and colors on a smaller scale – you might even find inspiration for a larger quilt!

Quilted wall hangings also make great gifts as they are really pieces of textile art. They can be framed, or you can create an inbuilt hanging sleeve for them.

I’ve found a mixture of free and paid-for patterns to help you find the perfect wall hanging project to sew this weekend!

Wall-Hanging Quilt Patterns

Quilted Wall Hanging Patterns

Wall hangings make such special gifts, whether it's for a housewarming, a baby's nursery, or a wedding celebration.

You can use a wall hanging to make an everlasting piece of art for someone you love (that could include making one for yourself!)

This list includes free patterns & tutorials as well as paid-for patterns from talented designers.

While I love all the free patterns I've featured, some paid-for patterns just have a little something extra about them!

These patterns tend to be really thorough too, so if this is your first time following a quilted wall hanging pattern, you might find it easier to pay for one to use.

They are all reasonably priced, averaging around 10 dollars and I've clearly stated which arepaid and which are free to make it easy for you to choose.

Top Tips for Making Your Own Quilted Wall Hanging

  • Don’t forget, you can turn pretty much any quilt you make into a wall hanging, so if you see a pattern you love advertised as just a quilt, go for it! I’ve listed lots of my other quilt patterns that would make great wall hangings at the end of this article.
  • Start off small – especially if you’re new to the world of quilting. You can learn a lot of techniques and quite quickly improve your skill level with small projects. Don’t overwhelm yourself with a project that is too big!
  • If you’re making a wall hanging as a gift for someone, think about the overall feel and theme of their home and tastes before you start designing the quilt. You don’t want to gift a bold and bright quilt to someone whose home has a very neutral color palette.
  • If you’re making a large quilt, choose a wide quilt backing fabric or sew smaller pieces of fabric together to make the back of your quilt. You can make big savings by making a large piece of fabric from all your scraps!
  • Don’t forget to label your hanging! When everyone has forgotten who has made it in years to come, they’ll be able to find out it was you and why you made it if you make a label for it!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to hang a wall quilt?

The most popular way to hang a wall quilt is to sew a sleeve across the top of the length of the hanging and then insert a rod into the sleeve. You can then use nails or brackets to hang the rod on.

Another simple way to hang a wall quilt is to use self-adhesive strips. They are surprisingly strong, and there are many different types available. I used velcro to stick my quilt design wall up, and that has held well!

What is the best batting for a wall hanging quilt?

The best batting to use for a wall hanging quilt is cotton, but you could also use a polyester-cotton blend or even bamboo.

Quilted wall hangings require firm and stable batting that won’t droop and sag once hung up. You don’t want the batting to be stretchy either, as this will distort the shape of your hanging.

How big should a wall hanging quilt be?

A wall hanging quilt can be as big or small as you like… that’s the beauty of them! The average size for a wall hanging is around 20 x 24 inches.

If you’re a beginner, start off by following small wall quilt patterns, perhaps 6 x 6 inches. Once you’ve got the hang of quilting, you can make pieces large enough to cover entire walls if you like!

The size of your hanging might depend on your sewing machine and the amount of throat space it has.

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