DIY Pillow Patterns That Are Easy to Make

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Here are some easy DIY pillow patterns to help you change up your room in an afternoon!

Can you ever really have too many throw cushions? It’s so easy to change the whole feel of a room with just a change of your pillows.

Pillow Patterns

These DIY pillows cost a fraction of store-bought pillows and make great projects.

Whether you want to change the look of your lounge, guest bedroom, playroom, or sewing room, hopefully, you’ll find a cushion you love and feel inspired to make.

This roundup features a whole range of pillow cover patterns, from simple square shapes to a fun llama cushion!

DIY Pillow Patterns: Easy Home Decor Ideas

10+ DIY Throw Pillows Patterns for You to Make

These free pillow patterns have step-by-step instructions to help you make your own cushion.

Most of them have photos to go with each step too, which I find really helpful - especially for trickier bits like adding the zip!

Whether you want to make a fun donut or a cute pom pom pillow, there is a large choice of patterns for you to choose from to style your couch.

Why not also make a matching modern throw or quilt to accessorize your couch, too?

Top Tips For Pillow Patterns

  • If this is your first time making DIY pillow covers, try making an envelope-style pillow that doesn’t require a zipper.
  • Cut the tiny corners off the seams of your pillow when it is inside out using scissors after you sew it and before you turn it the right way around. You can then use a blunt object to poke into the corners to make sure they’re sharp and neat.
  • Always use a reduced stitch length on your sewing machine to avoid your stitches being visible when your pillow is finished and stuffed.
  • If you’re looking for inexpensive fabric for your pillow, check out my article on ways to buy cheap fabric.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a pillow step by step?

Making a pillow step by step is simple once you know how. Follow these four steps to make your first pillow.

1. Cut two pieces of fabric to the size you want your pillow. Add any extra inch or so for the seam allowance. There is also a school of thought that says you should make the cushion cover smaller than the insert to make them plump up but that is down to personal choice!

2. Place each piece of fabric wrong side to wrong side, and sew three sides together.

3. Turn the cushion inside out and stuff with your pillow insert or stuffing.

4. If you haven’t gone for an envelope back or inserted a zipper you can sew the final side closed by hand.

What materials do you need to make a pillow?

The materials you need to make a pillow or cushion are:
• Two square/rectangular pieces of fabric
• Thread
• Zipper (optional)
• Pillow stuffing or insert
• Scissors/rotary cutters

What cushion colors go together?

These cushion colors go together without fail:
• Green, mustard and grey
• Blush pink and dark blue
• Greens and deep plum
• Brown and teal
• Neutrals with a pop of bold color

Use ‘The Rule of Three’ to bring all your cushions together by using a color scheme, a range of patterns, and a range of textures!

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