A Detailed Guide To Buying Your Sewing Table + 10 Favorites

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Are you tired of working from your dining room table? Always needing to pull out all your sewing projects and then put them away every time you need to use the table?

If so, a purpose-built sewing table might be just the thing for you.

Sewing Table Featured Image

Sewing tables come in many different shapes and sizes, from small set ups that can fold away, to full-size cabinets with loads storage and space for all your sewing accessories.

Read this guide to find out what you should be on the lookout for when choosing your own sewing cabinet and some of my favorite options!

Choosing Your Sewing Table

Buying a sewing table is a big investment, so you want to make sure you absolutely love the table you buy.

These are all the steps I took when I was looking at buying my own table, so I hope they help you out too!

If you’re a list maker and plan lover, grab a pen and paper and take notes as you read through this article.

Hopefully, my research will help you to figure out your exact needs before choosing the best sewing machine table for you.

Types of Sewing Tables


Sewing tables come in many different shapes, so depending on the size of your sewing room, or the place you’ll be putting your table in, you have quite a few options.

The most popular is a rectangular shape, which is perfect if you have a long wall to put it up against or a large room that you can put it in the middle of (like a kitchen island).

Another popular sewing machine table shape is the L-shape, which fits nicely into a corner space.

Lastly, there are also U-Shaped tables available, which are the best fit for larger rooms that aren’t limited on space. These U-Shaped options give you that ‘sewing nest’ experience where you can fit your cutting and sometimes even ironing all around you!


Sewing tables also come in a wide range of sizes.

If your sewing room is quite small, or if you don’t have the luxury of having a sewing room and need to squeeze a sewing table into another room in your house, there are plenty of small tables available.

I’ll include a range of sizes in this round-up so you can check out all your options.


Most sewing tables, often called sewing cabinets, come with storage; the amount of storage varies from table to table though, so it’s important to think about what you want before you start looking for a table.

Do you want storage for your sewing essentials? If so, you’ll want a table with plenty of drawers and cabinets.

Is there somewhere to store your cutting mat? Your threads? Your best fabric scissors? Look through all your sewing supplies and think about which of these you’d like to keep close by while you’re sewing.

Some tables have coordinating cabinets and shelving units so if you’re lucky enough to have a large space or dedicated room, you could get matching furniture to give yourself more storage space.


Just like the size and shape of your table, sewing tables come in many different styles too, from modern to shabby chic.

Is there a certain style you’d like your table to be to tie in with your room? Do you want it to have rounded edges? Do you mind what material the table is built from? Can the table be moved around?

Other features you might want to consider are;

  • Folding tables (does the table have enough workspace for you?)
  • Adjustability (can the table be adjusted in height?)
  • Inserts (do you want to be able to sew on a flat-bed with a flush surface?)
  • Ruler (does it have an inbuilt measure – this can be really handy!)

Other Considerations

If you are short on space, you can also get a tabletop sewing machine extension. This extension gives you an even larger work surface, and they’re great if you’re short on space.

I’ll include a couple of those in this roundup, as I know many people would rather buy extensions than a full-size sewing table.

Best Sewing Tables

Sew Ready Comet Sewing Desk

Photo: Amazon

This free-standing sewing table is modern-looking, and made from heavy steel, which gives it a solid feel. It’s rated highly on Amazon for all features, including sturdiness, ease of assembly, and value for money.

Size: 56.75″W x 23.5″D x 30″H

Features: Folding side shelf, drop-down sewing-machine platform, one fabric drawer, three shelves.

Assembly: Option to buy with or without assembly.

Price: Check out the current price here.

Sew Ready Foldable Hobby and Cutting Grid Table

Photo: Amazon

This table is both foldable and moveable with the caster wheels.

It has a cutting grid perfect for measuring out fabrics.

There isn’t as much storage space as some of the others tables featured here, but perhaps all the features make that fact unimportant!

Size: 36.5″D x 58.75″W x 38.75″H (Adjustable height)

Features: Adjustable height, adjustable legs, two sliding mesh drawers, a lower shelf, cutting grid on fold-out leaf of table.

Assembly: Assemble at home.

Price: Check out the current price here.

Best Choice Products Budget Sewing Table

Photo: Amazon

This is one of the cheapest tables I’m featuring, just to show you that you don’t have to spend an absolute fortune to create an excellent sewing area. This is Amazon’s choice of sewing tables, and the reviews are suprisingly great.

It’s the perfect table with some handy built in thread storage if you are tight on sewing space.

Size: 46″L x 16″W x 31″H

Features: Two rows of pegs, two bins, a storage space and a large flat worktop. Comes on wheel casters to move it around when it’s not in use.

Assembly: Comes unassembled.

Price: Check out the current price here.

Horn of America Sewing Table With Storage

Photo: Sewing Machine Plus

Horn sewing tables are well-known for their high quality products. So this is one of the priciest options on my list but one major plus is it comes fully assembled unlike most of the other tables.

I treated myself to a Horn cabinet (almost like this one but without the lovely space on the right hand side that the model aboev has).

You can see my review of my Horn Sewing Cabinet here.

This specific cabinet above (my dream pick) has a simple table that swings out, providing extra space. It could be used as a cutting table or to work with larger pieces of fabric.

Size: Open: 78” W 64-1/4” D 29-3/4” H | Closed: 63-1/4” W 27” D 29-3/4” H

Features: Swing table for additional workspace, storage for 132 spools of thread, extra wide machine cut out, and three soft closing drawers.

Assembly: Arrives fully assembled.

Price: Check out the current price here.

Kangaroo Sewing Furniture

kangaroo sewing cabinet
Photo: Sewing Machines Plus

If you’re looking for a top of the range, all singing-all dancing sewing table with storage, this is the gem for you!

It comes as two pieces of furniture – a table and a rolling sewing machine cabinet. If you have ample room, you could even add extra matching pieces.

Size: Closed: 55″ W x 21″ D x 29 ½” H | Open 55″ W x 40 ½” D x 29 ½” H | Storage Cabinet: 25 ¾” W x 16 ½” D x 24″ H

Features: 3-position hydraulic lift, expansive work surface, ample storage, rolling storage caddy, collapsible quilt leaf.

Assembly: Assemble at home.

Price: Check out the current price here.

Arrow 101 Judy Sewing and Craft Table

Photo: Sewing Machine Plus

This mid-sized sewing cabinet is great for smaller, more compact areas.

It has a 3-position lift meaning your machine can sit at different positions, and make quilts and other large projects with the flatbed sewing option. It has all the benefits of a full-size sewing table but fits into small spaces.

Just like the fancier tables with sewing machine lifts you should be able to buy an acrylic insert to create that truly flatbed experience. Just make sure to measure your sewing machine to see that it will fit in the space for this table and then ask your dealer if they can cut machine specific inserts.

Size: Open: 50-3/4”W x 17-1/4”D x 29-1/2”H | Closed: 25-1/4”W x 17-1/4”D x 30-1/8”H

Features: 3-position hydraulic lift, compatible with custom additional inserts, easy to store away.

Assembly: Assemble at home.

Price: Check out the current price here.

Singer Sewing Machine Tables

Photo: Flickr – Antony Sturdy

These tables are perhaps the most beautiful tables available and are my favorite features. I couldn’t write an article on sewing tables, without including this classic!

There are plenty of these gorgeous tables available, especially on Etsy, but you could also take a look in local Buy and Sell groups of Facebook, or even eBay.

Size: Various sizes.

Features: Metal stand, wooden top, small in size, sometimes comes with inbuilt draws .

Assembly: Usually comes pre-assembled.

Price: Check out the current price here.

Janome Universal Sewing Machine Table

janome sewing table
Photo: Sewing Machines Plus

All the above tables are generic tables that are compatible with any machine (depending on the size), however, there are plenty of machine-specific tables available.

I have a Janome 1600p (the fore runner to the Janome HD9), and I got a machine specific Janome Table that fits this machine (you can see it in my YouTube video about my new sewing machine).

My table is very similar to this table pictured above which isn’t machine-specific but fits a huge range of Janome machines (and some other brands) with different inserts.

There is a whole list of which machines fit with which inserts on this page here.

Size: H – 29.75″; Top – 45″ x 17.5″

Assembly: Self Assembly.

Price: Check current prices here.

Sewing Table Extensions

If you use your sewing machine on top of the table, you can get an extended flat workspace to slide onto your machine.

These slide-on tables are often made for specific machines, so you’ll need to find the right one for your machine, but some companies cut them to size for the size of your machine. Below are a couple of examples.

Another name for an extension is an acrylic insert, so try searching for the brand of your machine and ‘acrylic insert’ if you are wanting one of these. Some of these inserts will fit in the gaps of the tables above to create a true flatbed but not all will – so make sure to check your measurements before you order!

A sewing machine extension table can be a great first option for a beginner or intermediate sewer as a way to get more workspace before you are ready to commit to a large sewing table cabinet set up!

Giant Sew Steady Extension Table

sew steady extension table giant
Photo: Sewing Machines Plus

These tables are great for extra-large projects, especially if you don’t have the space for a dedicated sewing table.

Set your machine up on a regular table and slide this extender on.

These sew steady tables come in two options to fit a free arm or an embroidery model. Get all the details of how to make sure the extension fits your machine here.

A bonus use for this machine is you can slide a light underneath and use it as a light box!

Size: 32″ x 24″

Price: Check out current prices here.

Sew Steady Classic Featherweight

sew steady featherweight extension
Photo: Sewing Machines Plus

This sew steady extension table is made specifically to fit the black Singer featherweight 221 Model.

These extensions are usually well-reviewed and much cheaper than buying an entire table.

They’d be a great gift for any featherweight enthusiasts!

Size: 17.75″ x 22.5″

Price: Check out current prices here.

There will be other tabletop extensions available for specific sewing machine models too.

Top Tips for Choosing Your Sewing Table

  • Before choosing a table, consider all the components you want your new unit to include. It’s easy to get carried away and choose a table based on a perfect sales pitch, but what is the best table for another sewer might not be the best table for you.
  • If you’re short on space, consider buying an extended flat workspace that can attach to your current table.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sewing table called?

A sewing table is also known as a work table, and it provides a flat surface for sewers to work on their sewing machines. You may also here sewers refer to them as sewing cabinets – which doesn’t always mean you can close them up (confusingly!) – although sometimes you can.

Usually, a sewing cabinet has extra storage to keep fabrics, threads, scissors, and all your sewing equipment and often some sort of foldaway component.

What size table is needed for a sewing machine?

The answer to this depends on two other questions: how much space do you have?; and what size is your sewing machine?

Sewing tables come in a huge variety of sizes, starting as small as 24 inches wide, all the way up to 50+ inches wide.

The height of most sewing tables is usually somewhere between 28 – 30 inches high. Many tables are adjustable in height to make sure your machine is at the right height so you can sit comfortably while you sew.

The space needed for the sewing machine itself depends on the size of your machine – so measure that first and then compare it to the measurements of the table you are interested in.

Can you sew at a kitchen table?

Of course! You can sew anywhere you like, and if you’re short on space, using the kitchen table is the only option for many people.

However, sometimes, the height of kitchen tables or other work surfaces isn’t the ideal height for your machine, and it can make long stretches of sewing very uncomfortable.

If your kitchen table is the only space you have it might be worth looking into sewing chairs with adjustable height to make it all a bit more comfortable.

Can you put a new sewing machine in an old sewing table?

The simple answer is YES! You can put your new sewing machine in an old sewing table, and if you’re looking for a cheap option for a sewing table, this is it!

Old sewing table are available from thrift stores or Facebook marketplace for next to nothing, then you can repurpose it to fit your sewing machine.

You might need to make a few alterations to make sure it fits properly, but it’s worth it because these old tables are usually sturdy and built to last.

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