Tools & Supplies

Below is information and links to some of my favorite sewing & quilting supplies and tools that you may have seen in some of my videos.

Note: I am an Amazon Associate as well as an affiliate for some of the other products I use so this post contains affiliate links.

Sewing Tools & Supplies I Use

I often get asked about the tools and supplies I use so I decided to put everything in one place!

If you notice any links are out of date or you've seen me using something in one of my YouTube videos that isn't listed here that you want to know about just pop me an email at

Sewing Machines I Currently Own

These are the machines I currently own. I haven't linked to previous machines and I will try to keep this up to date.

Sewing Room Furniture & Decor

From my sewing cabinet to my fabric storage baskets. Here is everything folk have asked me about so far!

My Everyday Tools

These are the tools I reach for 9/10 when I am quilting or sewing.

My Favorite Rulers

We all have too many rulers as quilters and I am no expception. Here are the one's I reach for most often.

Thread & Other Favorite Supplies

Here is everything else I get asked about that doesn't fit in one of the categories above!

Other products I’ve reviewed: