Scrap Fabric Owl Soft Toy

Free owl templates to make a cute soft toy owl from your fabric scraps! This is a great give you can make in an evening.

Materials Needed – Fabric Owl

– Fabric Cutting Sizes – Heat n’ Bond Lite or an equivalent fusible product – Soft Toy Eyes & Nose Kit or Two Black Buttons – Soft Toy Stuffing – Awl Tool – Friction Pen


Print out the free templates at 100% scale. Use the cutting lines (seam allowance included) to cut out the shapes.

Prepare your Templates


Use your paper or cardboard templates to trace the shape on the wrong side of your fabric and then cut out with sharp fabric scissors.

Cut out your Fabric Pieces


Next, you want to place your wings, beak and eye circles on the paper side of your heat n’ bond. 

Preparing your Heat n’ Bond


Choose which of the two fabric pieces you cut out for the owl’s body will be the front and lay it right side up on your ironing surface.

Fusing your Shapes in Place

Don’t worry if your wings overlap the side of the body a bit. Just look at the centre and make sure it looks vaguely like owl wings!

Once you are happy with your layout peel the paper backing off of your heat n’ bond and place it back down on top of your owl body. Fuse in place with your iron.

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Scrap Fabric Owl Video Tutorial