How to Make Fabric from Scraps

This method is all about how to turn the strangely shaped fabric offcuts from a sewing or quilting project into yardage of fabric that is all the same colour or pattern.

Materials Needed

- Scrap fabric - Lightweight iron - Pressing surface - Sewing machine thread - Teflon sheet

Step 1: Choose what size of fabric you will make

The maximum size piece of fabric you can make depends on two things: 1) how many scraps you have & 2) how large your ironing surface is.

Step 2: Arrange your Scraps

This is when it becomes a bit of a jigsaw puzzle. You want the scraps to overlap each other a little bit but not too much. 

Step 3: Fuse your scraps into place

If you don’t have a teflon sheet make absolutely certain that you can’t see any fusible showing in between your scraps before you iron.

Step 4: Sewing the Joins

Start sewing on a raw edge near the edge of your piece and follow that raw edge as far as you can.

I trim my made fabric just enough so that I have straight edges, but if you want a particular size, like a pre-cut size or strips then you can do that.

Step 5: Trim your Fabric Yardage to Size

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How to Make Fabric from Scraps–  Video Tutorial