How to Sew Scraps to Adding Machine Tape  – Fabric from Scraps

There are so many things you can do with scrappy strips. If you had the patience (and that many scraps), you could make a strip quilt top out of nothing but these strips. 

Materials Needed

– Adding machine tape, old store receipts, or other thin paper – Fabric remnants – Cutting mat – Rotary cutter – Ruler

Set Up Your Paper Strips and Sewing Machine

To create the backing of our scrappy strips, we’ll use adding paper or some other thin type of paper.

Plan Your Strip and Pick Out Fabric Remnants

Take some time to think about what you’d like your finished product to look like. 

Sew Your First Pieces

Position your first piece of fabric at the end of the adding paper, with the “right side” (or patterned side) facing up towards you.

Repeat Until the Paper Strip is Covered

Continue sewing remnants onto your scrappy strips. After every few pieces, use your rotary tool to trim excess fabric from either side of the strip. 

Use your ruler to create straight edges on either side and trim off just the raw edges to maintain the size of your strip. This will prep your scrappy strips for future projects.

Trim Your Scrappy Strips

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