Use Your Scrap Fabric For These Improve Braided Quilt Blocks

This Improv Braided Quilt Block is a fun improvisational piecing technique that I use as a bit of mindless sewing.

You can make long scrappy braided strips for use in quilt borders or make wider braids that can be cut down into quilt blocks of almost any size.


– Quilting Fabric Scraps  – Rotary Cutter & Cutting Mat – Sewing Machine

STEP 1. Start with any Small Scrap.

Pick a scrap of any size. The braided technique is going to start to work best when you have a triangle shape.

STEP 2. Add a second Scrap to one side of the first.

Find a straight edge on your first scrap and add a second piece of fabric, right sides together.

STEP 3. Press units.

Each time you add a new scrap make sure to press your unit with an iron before adding the next scrap.

STEP 4. Trim unit.

Trim this two piece scrap unit so that it has straight sides again.

STEP 4. Add another Scrap to the opposite side from before.

Take another scrap and sew it to the opposite side of your triangle (ish) shape.

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