Quilt As You Go in Sections

I completed this queen sized quilt using the quilt as you go method in sections!

In order to be able to quilt it on my domestic sewing machine, I knew I had to do this one quilt-as-you-go style.

Sectional Quilting

This wasn’t the sort of quilt as you go follow method but piecing it together was more of a quilt and join as you go method!

Piecing my blocks

I basted the backing, batting and column of blocks the same way as you would a whole quilt – so I didn’t get out of the kneeling on the floor using this method.

Batting Choices

I quilted straight lines on either side of the ditch at regular intervals in the quilt blocks so that when I got to joining sections the joining line would be to one side of the ditch.

Quilting Choices

I just sewed the two quilt top layers together right sides to right sides with a 1/4 inch seam allowance the same way you would if you were joining rows for a full quilt top.

Joining the Sections

Once the top sections were joined I placed the two sections on the floor and ironed open the seam down the middle.

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Sectional Quilting - Queen Sized Quilt - Video Tutorial