Quilt as You Go in Sections – Queen Sized Quilt

I used Quilt as you go in large sections to join a queen-sized quilt with no hand-sewing. Clever quilting means you can do this all on your machine!

Instead of sewing the rows together I sewed the columns down and joined them into four sections of 2 by 10 blocks (so 20 blocks total for each section).

Piecing my blocks

Quilt as You Go Method

I usually use cotton batting or 80/20 batting. I decided for this project to buy some 27″ wide polyester batting from Amazon – I bought mine in the UK.

Batting Choices

Because I wanted to disguise my quilt as you go joining lines that I was going to do by machine I decided to do straight line quilting with my walking foot at fairly large intervals.

Quilting Choices

Once all four sections were quilted and trimmed I pinned back the batting and backing with straight pins and joined the middle two sections first.

Joining the Sections

I just sewed the two quilt top layers together right sides to right sides with a 1/4 inch seam allowance the same way you would if you were joining rows for a full quilt top.

Once the top sections were joined I placed the two sections on the floor and ironed open the seam down the middle. I then trimmed the batting so it just touched the opposite sections batting.

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Quilt as You Go Method