No Hand Sewing Quilt as You Go Methods

Today, I tested 7 different quilt as you go methods in search of the perfect no hand sewing technique.

What is Quilt-As-You-Go Method?

Quilt as you go is a great way of joining finished blocks rather than trying to wrestle an entire quilt through the throat of your home machine.


The back of this quilt in this method is real, it just doesn’t get quilted through in the same way as the top of the block.

Quilt as You go with ‘False’ Quilt Back


For this first test of the joining strips method I put the smaller joining strip on the front of my quilt blocks.

Quilt as You Go with Joining Strips (in Front)


This method is basically the reverse of the method before it and results in a wider ‘sashing’ look on the front and a thinner one on the back.

Quilt as You Go with Joining Strips (at the Back)


This method feels a bit like a cheat but it is my favourite of the methods that involve sashing as I think it looks the neatest both front and back.

Quilt as you Go Back to Back with Sashing

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No Hand Sewing Quilt-as-You-Go Methods – Video Tutorial

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