Log Cabin Quilt Block in a Hexagonal Pattern

Here's an easy step-by-step tutorial for a hexagon log cabin block with minimal cutting and measuring.

Supplies Needed:

– A hexagon template  – 2.5″ wide fabric strips  – Rotary cutter and a straight ruler – Square quilting ruler

Step 1: Cut a Small Hexagon

Use any hexagon template you have to hand to cut your starting hexie.

Step 2: Sort your Fabric Strips

Sort your 2.5″ fabric strips into two piles – one for your background fabric color and one for your accent color.

Take your hexagon and one accent color strip of approximately 5″ in length and sew your first seam.

Step 3: Sewing & Trimming

For the next seam, take a second accent strip or dark strip and sew rights together moving around the hexagon and crossing the seam you sewed.

Repeat until you have sewn 3 accent strips to your hexagon.

Then repeat the steps above with 3 background color strips.

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