Join Quilt Batting Pieces – Use your Leftovers

If you’re wondering how to join leftover quilt batting, sometimes affectionately known as “frankenbatting” then I’ve got you covered with this very quick and easy-to-follow tutorial. 

Materials Needed

– Batting scraps – Sewing machine – Thread – Ruler – Rotary cutter – Cutting mat

Step 1: Pull out your leftover batting pieces

First things first, figure out which pieces you need to join together to be large enough for your quilt top.

Step 2: Place your batting so it overlaps

To start, spread out two pieces of quilt batting on your cutting mat and slightly overlap the batting edges – roughly overlap ½ inch to 1 inch. 

Step 3: Get straight edges to join by cutting both pieces at once

Using your quilting ruler and rotary cutter (or other cutting tool), place the ruler on the edges of the batting (middle of the overlap).

Step 4: Time to Sew

Set your sewing machine to a wide zig-zag stitch. Take your two pieces of batting and hold them against each other as you sew – this is where those straight edges come in handy!

Guide the strips through your machine slowly with the edges of batting butted up against each other. Take your time so you don’t end up with little gaps where the zig-zag stitch didn’t catch.

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Join Quilt Batting Pieces – Use your Leftovers  – Video Tutorial