Improv Denim Quilt With Instructions

This quick denim quilt project uses old jeans and leftover fabric strips.

Supplies Used:

– Batting – Quilt back – Denim jeans – Moda scrap bag jelly 

I started with a stack of 7″ denim squares from old jeans. Then I went for bright aquas and reds.

Step 1: Add some color. 

Step 2: Layout

Once I’d added my strips to all my squares I tried various layouts on the floor.

Step 3: Sewing Rows and Filling Gaps

I laid out all my rows and part rows and then measured the gaps. I added a 1/4 seam all around and cut out the pieces of denim I needed to fill it in.

Step 4: Quilting

I used my walking foot and a denim needle and quilted straight horizontal lines across my quilt.

I used the offcuts of the backing from the top of the quilt and hand sewed it down to cover the exposed batting.

Step 5: Fix for a Short Quilt Back

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