How to a Make Scrappy Quilt with Scrappy Binding

Learn all the easy ways to make a quilt from scraps with scrappy binding.

I wanted to have different height strips of my colored fabrics attached at that 45 degree angle like a quilt binding and to have each colored strip framed by a white/off white background.

Scrappy Strips

I had all the triangles I’d cut off when making the 45 degree joinings. And so of course I wanted to use them all up!

Scrappy Quilt Back


I don’t know if I’m just not using it right, but I just seemed to get small little folds in various places even thought I did try to follow the instructions.

Basting Errors

I opted for a light aqua colour on top (there is a bit of that colour in the floral print fabric) and white for the bobbin.

Thread Choice

I made a quilt label to cover the biggest exposed corner and hand sewed it down along with another white strip of fabric.

Covering up Mistakes

The long and short of it is that I made far too much work for myself and ended up really over-quilting this.

Walking Foot & Free Motion Quilting Choices

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