Crumb Quilting Tutorial: No Scrap is too Small!

Make the most of your small fabric scraps by turning them into crumb quilt blocks! You can combine blocks to make a full crumb quilt top!

No we are not talking cookie crumbs here. In terms of fabric, a crumb is a small scrap of fabric that is usually in the shape of a square or a rectangle.

So what is a crumb?

A crumb quilt is basically just a quilt top made using primarily crumbs. Often quilters make crumb blocks to a certain size and then add sashing to break it up but a more modern approach is to go all crumbs in a set pallet of colors.

What is a crumb quilt?


For this crumb quilting tutorial, I used neutral tones and low volume fabrics for most of it and I had a separate pile of colorful and printed fabrics to add a pop of colour here and there as I went along.

Sort your crumbs by color if desired


I start with small square or thin rectangle-shaped scraps and find two of either width or length. I sew those two pieces together with a scant quarter inch seam and then find a third piece to add to one side of the two I already joined. As you sew the two seams together you can then trim the edges to create a straight line. You might also find you want to start cutting some of your crumbs down to size to fit with other scraps you have.

Start with one of your smallest crumbs


Each time I add a crumb to another piece I then press the seams with my iron to keep everything flat. You don’t have to do this, many people would just finger press seams in one direction or another but I find it is easier to get everything looking neat if I iron as I go.

Iron as you go


I start a section and grow it until I feel like I don’t have scraps that are long enough to add to it.

Work in Sections

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Crumb Quilting Video Tutorial