Baby Quilt with Rainbow Raindrop Patterns

This Rainbow Raindrops Baby Quilt is a great way to use leftovers of your favorite brightly colored scraps.

Materials Needed:

– Background fabric – Fusible Fabric Adhesive  – Fabric Scissors – Clear Quilting Ruler – Rotary cutter – Sewing Machine – Fray Check

Step 1: 

Cut one large piece of background fabric, one that won’t distract from your colorful rainbow raindrops.

Preparing your Background.

Iron on whichever fusible product you are using to the back of your 3 “ x  3” squares before cutting them into the raindrop shapes.

Step 2: 

Applying Fusible

Step 3: 

Cut out your rainbow raindrops. You can either print the included template on to card stock and use it as a cutting template.

Cutting your Rainbow Raindrops

Layout your raindrops on your quilt top before ironing in place using the fusible.

Step 4: 

Layout and Fusing

The raindrops are arranged in a cascading pattern. It is easiest to start with the middle line of raindrops and work out.

When you are confident on your raindrop placements iron them in place. Then sew by machine to attach them. 

Step 5:


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