X Marks the Scrap | Free Quilt Pattern

It's a free pattern designed to empty your scrap bin of small pieces and make a dent in your stash of fabric scraps of all sizes!

For each complete X block you will need:

– 4 x Central strips (to form the X) – 8 x Patches of Low Volume Background Fabric – 4 x Central strip end piece in low volume background fabric


You can use any kind of foundation paper you like – regular printer paper will work in a pinch but ideally something thinner like vellum paper or freezer paper if you are familiar with that method.


You can use the cutting templates provided to get the size of your patches but I recommend cutting them on the generous size if you are new to foundation paper piecing.


Once the central strip and end piece are in place, trim away any excess fabric to either side leaving your 1/4″ seam in place – see video tutorial if this doesn’t make sense to you.


Once you have 4 of these quarter blocks done you are ready to join them to make one complete block.

You do not need to change the orientation of the pattern on your printer you just turn the quarter blocks so that the strips line up to make an X.

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X Marks the Scrap | Free Quilt Pattern for Scraps!