Why I Swapped My Bernina 770QE!

This is the story of why I bought and then traded in my Bernina 770QE less than a year later.

Trading my Bernina 770QE is a personal experience and I’m just relating it in case it is useful for anyone.

Thread Jams. For example, frequent thread jams. Too often I would have to stop in the middle of a project to sort out a thread jam.

What I Didn’t Like About the Bernina 770QE

Leaders. Something that I didn’t like was that the Bernina seemed to require me to use leaders when I was piecing.

Stitch Regulator. The Bernina stitch regulator ended up disappointing me as it would constantly give me a warning beep.

Why I Traded in my Bernina 770QE

I decided to get the machine serviced a little less than a year after I bought it as I do sew a LOT so I reckoned it was due.

I had researched over the days when the machine was getting serviced and found a Pfaff Quilt Expression 720 that I thought I was interested in.

The Pfaff was cheaper in the end and my trade-in for the Bernina was not that great so in the end I went with the Pfaff as it was already an expense I hadn’t really budgeted for.

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