Tutorial For a Free  I-spy Quilt 

There are lots of ways to make I Spy Quilts. Many are pieced, but I didn’t use a traditional i-spy quilt pattern. Mine was made with raw edge applique using simple beginner-free motion quilting.

Materials Needed –  I Spy Baby Quilt

– Polyester Batting – Background fabric – Backing Fabric – Fabric with pictures – Selvage edge – Pinking Shears – Heat n’ Bond Lite Quilting Gloves – Black thread and white thread

Step 1: Cut or piece your Background Fabric

Cut or piece your background fabric a few inches wider and longer than you would like your finished quilt. My finished quilt was 42" square.

Step 2: Cut out your I Spy images

Using your pinking shears cut out various images to play I Spy with. I use pinking shears to reduce fraying on the edges of the scraps. 

If you don’t have pinking shears you can absolutely use rotary cutters for this just be aware you might have a few extra loose threads after the first wash.

Step 3: Fuse Heat n’ Bond to the back of your I Spy images

You can use any kind of lightweight double-sided fusible product to prepare your I Spy Images for attaching to your quilt.

I used scraps of this kind of fusible of various types for mine as I was cutting them to very small sizes so it’s great for using bits that you have leftover from other projects.

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