This Is My Worst Quilt Ever!

I wanted to make a quick and easy orphan block quilt. What I ended up making was my worst quilt ever!

I made loads of quilting mistakes and learned some good quilting lessons – including when to stop!

It all started as an idea for a ‘quick and easy’ orphan block quilt using some different-sized quilt blocks and a stack of my husband’s old jeans.

Quilting Mistakes – what went wrong?

I had sections pieced together and when I laid them out together I didn’t like how it looked – so I got out my seam ripper and started unpicking seams!

Mistake #1: Overthinking!

My second quilting mistake for this quilt was that I didn’t spend enough time basting my quilt sandwich.

Mistake #2: Lazy Quilt Basting

I basically thought that if I did enough of this random quilting pattern over the entire quilt it might start to look intentional…it didn’t.

Mistake #3: Overcomplicating the Quilting Design

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