Scrappy Bursting Quilt Block

This is a fun and easy foundation paper piecing pattern. It is part of my Scrap Blocks Quilt Along series!

The Scrap Burst Quilt Block is essentially a strip block with slightly angled pieces.

Fabric Requirements

– For 2 color block – (16) 2″ x 7″ strips (accent color); (16) 2″ x 7″ strips (background color or second accent color)


First print 4 pattern pieces for each block you wish to make. Each pattern piece is one quadrant of a finished block.

Print your Pattern & Template Pieces


Each quarter block needs 8 strips of fabric. You can use larger pieces of fabric and trim them down.

Prepare your fabric Scraps


I use a glue stick for the first patch of any FPP pattern just to hold it in place.

Begin Sewing

The numbers on your pattern piece indicate the order the patches should be sewn in.

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