How to Make a Scrap Fabric Bookmark

Want to make some cute scrap fabric bookmarks out of the trimmings from your other sewing projects? Today I'm sharing with you how to make a scrap fabric bookmark!

Materials Used – Scrap Fabric Bookmarks

– Trimmings and slivers of scrap fabric – Embroidery Stabiliser  – Offcuts of ribbon  – Sewing machine and thread – Cutting Mat and Rotary Cutter – Pinking Shears


I used super teeny slivers of scrap fabric and leftover thread It was basically one bag that I had filled with slivers, trimmings, and balls of thread from other sewing and craft projects.

Sort Your Scraps.


Next, you need to do is cut some embroidery stabiliser to roughly the size you want your bookmarks to be.

Cut your Embroidery Stabiliser.


Next, you get to fill your little bookmark envelope with all your lovely scraps.

Fill your Scrap Fabric Bookmark


You basically just want to sew every inch of that bookmark all over to make sure the scraps stay together.

Sew like Crazy!

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Scrap Fabric Bookmark – Video Tutorial

Watch video tutorial