Beginner-Friendly Foundation Paper Piecing - Free Heart Pattern

Whether you are new to foundation paper piecing (FPP) or you just can’t get enough of it I hope you will enjoy making this free Scrappy Heart Pattern.

What can I do with my Free Heart Pattern Block?

– Sampler quilt – Cushion cover – Coaster – Scrappy hearts – Row quilt – Mini Wall Hanging – Zipper Pouch – Tote bag

– Newsprint  – Vellum Paper – Freezer Paper – Foundation Paper Piecing Paper

What Paper Should I use for Foundation Paper Piecing?

What type of thread should I use for Foundation Paper Piecing?

Regular 50wt thread that you would use for quilt block piecing is fine.

What should my stitch length be for Foundation Paper Piecing?

I set my stitch length at 1.5 for Foundation Paper Piecing to make it easier to tear out the paper afterwards.

Basically, the needle perforates the paper more times at a shorter stitch length so it is easier to tear it away. You can go smaller if you like but I would advise against going much bigger.

Just pick a variety of low volume (background) and medium to dark fabrics (heart) and have a play.

What Fabric Should I use for this Pattern?

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Free Heart – Video Tutorial