Quilted Key Fob Tutorial

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to make a wristlet keyring from those scraps that create a cute way to carry your car keys or any keys – a quilted key fob wristlet!

Craft Supplies Needed

– Quilted scraps – Alternatives: cotton scraps, leftover jelly roll strips, ribbon and other trim – Scrap batting (optional) – Key fob hardware – Pair of pliers – Sewing machine – Sewing thread – Ruler – Safety pin – Chopstick (or similar pointy but not sharp object) – Rotary cutter


The larger metal bit has two sharp clasps inside to hold your fabric in place when you squeeze it shut. This key fob wristlet hardware can come in different widths though – so you need to measure the one you bought to determine what size your wrist strap should be!

Measure the width of your Keychain Finding


You’re going to want to make sure your length of fabric is not too short or too long for a wrist strap.

Decide how long to make the Key Fob Wristlet


If you are using one wide piece of quilted scrap then fold it over right sides together before sewing. Sew your folded piece of fabric scrap all the way down the open long edge.

Sew your Quilted Scrap to Hide the Raw Edges


Using this hack, you’re going to turn the tubes right side out using a safety pin and a chopstick.

Turn Tubes right side out


Using your key fob pliers (or any small pair of pliers), partially close your keychain finding. Put both ends inside and use pliers to finish closing all the way.

Attach the Keychain Finding

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Quilted Key Fob Video Tutorial