Quilt in a Week: 9-Patch Quilt 

This quilt is the first in a series I’m making called ‘Quilt in a Week’. It's a beginner quilt that you can finish in a week is a simple 9 Patch Quilt.

Supplies Needed

– 2 Charm Packs – Border pieces – Optional background square: 13.75″ square – Backing Fabric – Binding Fabric – Batting

STEP 1. Decide on Your Nine Patch Layout.

I used two charm packs for this quilt that had a good distribution of light, medium and dark fabrics.

I first laid out charm squares with dark fabric for the center cross of the 9-patch blocks and put light fabrics in each corner.

STEP 2. Sew your 9 Patch Quilt Blocks.

Lay out 9 charm pack squares for each 9 Patch Quilt Block. Place the middle square for each row of your quilt block and place it right sides together.

Repeat for each row of each block – try to keep them in an order that makes them easy to put them back in the right place afterward.

STEP 3. Decide on the layout of your Blocks.

I decided to place my medium cross 9 Patch Block in the center with the light cross blocks on either side and the darker cross blocks on the top and bottom.

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Easy 9 Patch Quilt  – Video Tutorial