Quilt Design Wall Tutorial

A Quilt Design Wall is a useful design tool for both modern quilters and traditional quilters.

Materials Used:

– Thick Cardboard – Duct Tape – Batting – Flannel – Heavy Duty Velcro

Step 1: 

I measured how big I could make it and came up with a maximum of 60″ wide. I opted for a half-height of about 36″.

Decide what size to make your design wall.

Construct your backing board.

I used some leftover packaging (extra thick corrugated cardboard) and duct-taped the pieces together to make one big rectangular-shaped board.

Step 2: 

Step 3:

Once you have a board of the size you want you need to cover it with some sort of material that will help your quilt blocks stick to it without pins.

Attach your batting.

Step 4:

This part is optional. I used some heavy-duty velcro. The kind that holds up to 7kg of weight. This stuff is strong.

Attaching the Design Wall to the wall.

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Making a Quilt Design Wall – Video Tutorial