Pretty Heart Quilt Patterns to Make for Someone you Love!


Heart-themed quilt can be used for a variety of different things. You can give them as gifts, create them for a special occasion like a wedding or anniversary, or simply use them as decoration.


Gorgeous Heart Quilt Patterns

Check out all these gorgeous heart quilt patterns and pick the one that sets your heart a-flutter to get quilting!

Heart Pattern Foundation Paper Piercing

This is my own FREE Foundation Paper Pieced Heart Pattern. It's good for beginners and you can get creative with the colors to really make it your own!

Foundation Paper Pieced Heart Wall Hanging for Ukraine

The center block of this wall hanging is from Sasha's Quilts - a Ukrainian Quilt Pattern designer.

Soft Cushion Hearts

This heart pillow is clearly not a heart quilt pattern, BUT if you are the type of quilter who likes to use fleece on your quilt backs you might have some fleece scraps lying around.

Ticker Tape Heart

Another adorable heart-shaped quilt that can be made from scrap fabric, this one is themed for Valentine's Day but can work for any occasion.


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