How to Make your Own Placemats from Denim Scraps

This fun tutorial will show you how to sew fun and one-of-a-kind placemats from scraps of old jeans plus some pretty ‘focus scraps’.

– Quilt batting. – Backing fabric  – Denim strips  – A handful of small fabric scraps to add a pop of color and interest  – Coordinating thread

Supply List

You have two options for how to approach what are essentially quilt-as-you-go stitch and flip placemats.

Improv Stitch & Flip Method

Piece strips of denim and focus scraps ahead of time. The number of strips you will need depends on how wide your denim strips are.

Option 1 Pre-pieced Strips: 

I took a pile of denim scraps I already had. I set aside my backing fabric and had a piece of batting in front of me landscape style. 

Option 2 Improv Strips Method

I trimmed each strip when I chose to use it just to straighten it up. The strips don’t need to be perfect but vaguely vertical and vaguely straight.

I then placed two shorter denim strips right side down on top of that first strip leaving a gap somewhere where the batting shows through.

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Sectional Quilting - Placemats from Denim Scraps - Video Tutorial