No-Measurement Scrappy Hexagon Quilt Block

This improv-style quilt block is so detailed it ends up looking much more complicated to make than it really is.

There are no seams and in fact, there is no measuring before you sew at all!

Materials Needed

– Hexagon ruler – Strips of scrap fabric – Template  – Rotary cutter  – Cutting mat

1. Cut a Hexagon shape  as your starting point.

You just need to cut a hexagon of any size from any piece of fabric.

2. Pick your Colors.

When you have decided what colors you want to use just set some scrap fabric scraps out in piles of those colors. 

Sew one strip right sides together to one side of your starting hexagon using a standard 1/4″ seam allowance. I started with my white fabric.

3. Sew your first Strip.

4. Trim as you go.

Trim up the ends of the strip on your first seam to prepare for your next seam. 

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