My Worst Quilt Ever!

I made lots of quilting mistakes but thankfully I can take some lessons from my experience that hopefully (!!) will stop me from doing the same again!

It all started as an idea for a ‘quick and easy’ orphan block quilt using some different-sized quilt blocks and a stack of my husband’s old jeans.

Quilting Mistakes – what went wrong?

I set out to do it improv style without a pattern – similar to the modern scrap quilt I made out of Ruby Star Society scraps.

Mistake #1: Overthinking!

But if you are going to make a quilt that way you kind of just need to be in a creative mindset, not an analyzing and overthinking one!

Everyone knows the most important rule of machine quilting is to make sure your quilt is well basted.

Mistake #2:  Lazy Quilt Basting

I used my microstitch tag gun to baste this – which has worked for me before – but I rushed it a bit, maybe put the tags a bit too far apart, and just was in too much of a hurry to get quilting.

I tried free-motion quilting using the zig-zag stitch to speed things up but the effect got worse and worse as I went rather than better and better!

Mistake #3: Overcomplicating the Quilting Design

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