The First Collage Quilt I Ever Created 

I tried a collage quilt for the first time and found out it is actually super beginner friendly!

Collage quilting is done by layering small pieces of fabric to make a design in an artistic fashion.

Supplies Needed

– Pattern template – Fabric scraps  – Lightbox – Ironing board – Fusible product – Iron – Baking parchment – Thread

Step 1: Print your Reference Design

The first thing you’ll need to do is choose the design you want to make into a fabric collage.

Step 2: Tracing the Pattern

I pinned a cheap cotton fabric to the paper printout to use as my foundation fabric and set it on top of my light box to trace the design.

Once my outline was finished, I cut out the excess white fabric so that I was left with just the collage design outline.

Step 3: Cut Out the Pattern

Step 4: Sorting Scraps & Treating with Fusible

You want to find a range of different fabrics to use and treat them with some sort of fusible.

Step 5: Make the Collage

To start your collage simply place a scrap of fabric of the designated color on a part of your base fabric.

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