How to Make a Modern Improv Scrap Quilt

This modern improv scrap quilt was a super quick make. The quilt top took me just two and half evenings to finish.

Materials Used– Modern Scrap Quilt

– Ruby Star Scrap Bag – Fabric remnants – Fabric strips – Accent colour scraps – Backing Fabric – Quilt Batting

I started by laying out some low volume large remnants on the floor. To make out the basic background of the quilt.

‘Designing’ my Quilt Top

In essence, I was trying to add the low volume fabric to one side of each of the scraps or oprhan blocks.

Piecing the Improv ‘Blocks’

It didn’t matter if it was the long side or the short side, I was just grabbing them and basically putting them wherever they fit on the strip.

Then you will have these units or blocks and it becomes a kind of jigsaw puzzle operation of trying to fit them together.

Joining Sections to Make Your Quilt Top

The aim at this point is to build and build into larger sections that can be joined to eventually make the quilt top.

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How to Make a Modern Improv Scrap Quilt– Video Tutorial