Meaningful Sewing for Charity

There is a point in everyone’s sewing or quilting journey when you run out of friends and family who haven’t already received a quilt or other sewn gift from you.

This guide is my attempt to provide up-to-date links (this post is updated regularly as new information is received) to make it easier for you to start sewing for charity.

Sewing for Charity Directory

Top Tips for Sewing for Charity

Make sure to double-check the specific requirements of your favorite charity so that your donated items will be exactly what they are looking for.

Questions to ask include: what are the best materials to use? do they have a specific time of year that collections are made?

If you are time rich you can also ask if your chosen charity needs help with the collection or distribution of donated items.

FAQ: Where can I donate quilts in my area?

You can try searching facebook for ‘donation quilts + ‘your town” and see if any local organizations come up.

Photo credit: Loving Hands UK

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