Making Selvedge Fabric

I’ll walk you through a fun way of how to make selvedge fabric. In addition, you’ll gain insight into making panels or pattern pieces of fabric to form quilt blocks, bag panels from leftover fabric selvedge.

Materials Needed

– Selvedges – Layer of batting – Scissors – Ruler – Rotary cutter – Sewing machine   – Thread – Containers

Step 1: Prepare Your Selvedge

I cut off the aesthetically pleasing side of the selvedge with about an inch of the fabric pattern as well, depending on the type of fabric.

Step 2: Color Coordinated or Random?

For your selvedge fabric project to turn out best, I suggest taking a few minutes to come up with the order and placement of your selvedge strips.

Step 3: Start Sewing

Start with the selvedge edge (cut to your preference) and lay it down on your backing.

Using your sewing machine, sew as close to the fabric edge as possible, keeping the stitches on top. We aren’t sewing and flipping here we are basically top stitching.

When you place the second selvedge strip down, do so in a straight line, making sure it entirely covers the cut fabric edge of the previous strip to curb fraying.

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Making Selvedge Fabric  – Video Tutorial