Making A Weight Loss Quilt - A Quilted Habit Tracker! 

Here is how I am using a weight loss quilt to motivate me to be healthy at the same time as making a modern scrap quilt!

This is an ongoing scrap buster project that is aimed at fostering good habits. You can use it for weight loss or any other goal that requires maintaining good habits to achieve it.

What is a weight loss quilt?

The basic idea is that I will make one small and simple block each day (or do 7 at the end of each week)! Which will record my progress in fabric. I am using my quilt as a weight-loss motivator.

The idea for this quilt came from the concept of ‘temperature quilts’ where the quilter uses fabric to represent the temperature on the day and sometimes also the quilter’s mood on the day.

Like a Temparature Quilt – but different

There are lots of choices you can make about how to use this concept but the important thing is to set the parameters before you start. 

Deciding on a ‘Key’ for your Quilt

I will have one quilt block for each day that I am recording but I will also have an extra block – a weight loss record block – that will be inserted in between the blocks for each week.

My Weight Loss Quilt ‘Key

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Making A Weight Loss Quilt - A Quilted Habit Tracker Video -Tutorial