Making a Quilted Advent Calendar from Scraps!

I didn’t use a pattern but I pulled some techniques from different projects I’ve learned to make a DIY advent calendar using scraps and remnants of Christmas fabrics.

Materials Needed:

– Christmas Fabric Scraps – Batting Scraps – Backing Fabric – Wooden Dowel

What size to make your Advent Calendar?

To determine what size to use for the backing panel I cut out pieces of paper in different sizes to represent the pockets and laid them out on the floor in the layout I wanted.

Planning Your Advent Calendar

When I had a rough idea of the background size, I confirmed it by cutting out a piece of construction paper that was the same size as the finished size I wanted my advent calendar to be.

I then laid out the paper pockets I had cut out earlier on to the backing paper mock-up to come up with a rough layout and make sure that the sizes of pockets I wanted to make would all fit in the way I was imagining.

Making the Backing for Your Advent Calendar

Before I started on the pockets I pieced together some batting scraps to make a big enough piece for the calendar.

Once the backing was quilted and I’d done another trial run of the pocket sizes using paper, I started cutting out my fabric.

Cutting Guide for Advent Calendar Pocket Fabric

BEFORE you cut your fabric you need to make a decision about whether you want to do kind of concertina-style expanding pockets or flat pockets.

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