Make Your Own Fabric With Small Scraps

What do you do when your scraps are really small? Or strangely shaped? You can make your own yardage!

Supplies used:

– Sewing machine – Thread – Scrap material – Light weight fusible – Adding machine tape – Quilt batting scraps – Rotary cutter – Ruler – Acrylic template

Use your tiny pieces of fabric to have a play and make these small improv quilt blocks. Actually, you can make them any size you like but mine are 3.5" square.

Mini Improv Quilt Blocks

Crumb Quilting Tutorial: No Scrap is too Small!

You can turn small scraps into single quilt blocks, panels for home decor projects or just keep adding and adding to make a huge piece.

Irregular Shaped Scraps of the same Color

This tutorial is all about how to make pieces of fabric from oddly shaped scraps of one fabric or several fabrics in the same colorway.

Sewing Scraps to Adding Machine Tape - Scrappy Strips

A fun way to use thin scraps is to group them into a color family and sew them to adding machine tape to make scrappy strips.

This way to make fabric from your selvedge edges can be done in strips with adding machine tape.

How to Make Selvedge Fabric 

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