Learning How to Quilt With A Learner's Quilt

This is my second ever quilt. The intention was always to put these learning blocks all together into a quilt once I ran out of the leftover fabric I was using.

Because this was a learner’s quilt with no plan for a finished size so none of the blocks were a standard size.

New Quilt Blocks

Exploding Block

The Exploding Blocks method is so much easier though…so weighing it all up I have to say I probably prefer the Exploding Blocks method.

Churn Dash Block

I choose to do a Churn Dash Block because it is such a traditional feeling block but I of course gravitated towards this scrappy version using 1″ strips from Patchwork Facil.

The template for this block was from Pitcher’s Boutique. I was scared of it before I tried it, but now I see how much easier it makes it to get a crisp and precise outcome.

Paper Pieced Star

This first one is an Economy Block and it was paper pieced using freezer paper. I didn’t do it perfectly but it still came out fairly well.

Economy Block

Flying Geese attempt #2

I think it turned out pretty well. It was my first paper pieced pattern that was made up of more than one section and I was pretty pleased with the outcome.


I did try laying out the blocks ahead of time to find a layout but often times things ended up a slightly different size when they were joined up and I had to improvise.

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