How to Make Your Own Fabric (Selvedge Fabric)

Today, I’ll walk you through a fun way of how to make selvedge fabric. This is an easy technique and a fun way to use up leftover bits of your fabric that you otherwise might throw away!

Materials used:

– Selvedges, fabric scraps – Layer of batting  – Scissors – Ruler – Rotary cutter – Sewing machine and thread – Containers to hold your scraps

Step 1.

As I work on other sewing projects, I cut off the aesthetically pleasing side of the selvedge with about an inch of the fabric pattern as well. 

Prepare Your Selvedge.

Step 2.

I know many scrappy sewers like to go totally random with their colours – with selvedges actually both will look great so do what makes you happy.

Color Coordinated or Random?

While some people prefer to have the colored fabric piece at the edges or sides of the fabric, it boils down to your preference.

Step 3:

Start Sewing.

When you place the second selvedge strip down, do so in a straight line, making sure it entirely covers the cut fabric edge of the previous strip to curb fraying.

Repeat the process, adding one piece of fabric selvedge after another, ensuring you maintain a straight edge and sufficient overlapping.

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