How to Make Fabric Cubes

For my yearly stash busting exercise, I decided to make fabric cubes. These cubes can be used as baby toys, door stops, and even foot stools or ottomans!

Materials used:

– Charm pack squares – Squares of batting – Batting trimmings – Toy rattle inserts

Step 1: 

To start, arrange your 6 squares of fabric right side down in a cross or lower case formation.

Lay out your squares.

Step 2: 

This step is totally optional but I chose to lightly quilt my charm pack squares onto batting of the same size. I just did straight-line quilting.

Quilt your sides (optional).

Sew the 4 squares for your sides in a row with a 1/4 seam allowance.

Step 3:

Sew squares together in a ‘t’ shape.

Step 4:

Now with your fabric right sides to right sides start sewing together sides that are closest to each other.

Sew together the sides to form your cube.

Turn your cube right side out and start filling. You can use batting scraps, fabric trimmings or polyfill (in a pinch) to fill your baby toy cube.

Step 5:

Fill your Cube.

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