How to Make a Quilted Wall Hanging from Scraps (Quilt-As-You-Go)

Make an easy quilt as you go quilted wall hanging from your scrap fabric strips! A great quilted gift idea and a fab project for beginners!

Materials Needed to Make Quilted Wall Hangings

– Frame with a mount (mat) – Fabric piece strips – Piece of batting that is slightly larger than your mat


You can use really any frame you have that has a mount (mat) included with it. I used an old Ikea frame that has definitely seen better days and doesn’t have glass in it to create my piece of wall art. But, any old frame will work.

Prepare your batting and frame

You may want to decide on the fabric colors you’re using first or where you’re going to put your wall decor. To prepare your batting, you’ll want to cut it until it’s just slightly larger than the opening of the mat


Place your batting on a flat surface and start laying out your fabric strips in the order you like them in. It may take a few tries (or a few trips back to your fabric stash for different fabric) to find exactly which order you like best.

Choose your Fabric Pieces


Once you have your fabric scraps laid out exactly how you want them on the batting, take a picture of your layout so you can remember what order you want to sew things in.

Sewing Guide for your Quilted Wall Hanging


Once you finish your sewing, it’s time to trim off the excess fabric! Place your wall hanging right side down and trim off the excess scraps off the sides of the batting.

Trim your Wall Hanging

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Video Tutorial: Quilted Wall Hanging