How to Make a Quilted Key Fob

This key fob wristlet not only makes for perfect gifts, but it’s also a fun way to reduce the pieces of fabric headed to the bin when you’re crafting. 

Craft Supplies  Needed:

– Quilted scraps – Cotton scraps – Scrap batting – Key fob hardware – Pair of pliers – Sewing machine – Sewing thread – Ruler – Safety pin – Chopstick – Rotary cutter

Measure the width of your Keychain Finding

This key fob wristlet hardware can come in different widths though, so you need to measure the one you bought to determine what size your wrist strap should be!

Decide how long to make the Key Fob Wristlet

You can just fold the short ends towards each other and measure it against your wrist and how you would want it to fit when “wearing” it. 

If you are using one wide piece of quilted scrap then fold it over the right sides together before sewing.

Sew your Quilted Scrap to Hide the Raw Edges

Turn Tubes right side out

Using this hack, you’re going to turn the tubes right side out using a safety pin and a chopstick. 

- Pin your safety pin on one end. - Take a chopstick and butt it up against the safety pin on the inside of the tubing. - Gently push/guide the safety pin through using the chopstick.

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