How to Make a Quilt Out of Fleece

I made my first ever charity quilts and the charity in question prefers their volunteers to use fleece for the quilt backing so I decided to have a go even though I’d never used fleece before.

Step 1: Baste the Quilt Top to the Fleece Back

I used a spray baste for this. I placed a single piece of fleece right side down on the floor and centred the quilt top on the top right side up.

Starting from the middle of the quilt top I rolled back one end sprayed the fleece and then smoothed the quilt top flat on to the fleece with my hands starting from the middle and working to the sides and the ends.

Step 2: Quilting with a Fleece Backing

I used a decorative stitch on my janome sewing machine that had a small leaf design on it. I thought that would tie in well with some of the motifs in the blocks.

I used a wine colored thread that matched the color of the fleece I had chosen for the back. So it blended in perfectly and the decorative stitches should up on the back as a texture rather than another color.

Step 3: Self-Binding

Now the colours in these blocks are not ones I use a lot so I struggled to find anything in my stash that was the right colour for a traditional binding.

I trimmed the edges of the back some more so that the distance between the edge of the fleece and the edge of the quilted top was equal all the way around.

I then folded the raw edges of the fleece so it met the raw edge of the quilt top and then folded over again so the folded edge of the fleece sandwiched in the raw edge of the quilt top.

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